Advanced Planning and Scheduling for Elves

By: Katie Foley

Have you heard the North Pole is adding onto their suite of Visibility software this year? You already know that Santa runs his workshop with Visibility ERP, but this year the elves requested an advanced planning and scheduling tool to help run the workshop with more efficiency and visibility.

So far the elves are loving Schedule Advisor. Here are a few reasons an advanced planning and scheduling tool such as Schedule Advisor could be what your manufacturing operation is looking for.

Improved Efficiency

Advanced planning and scheduling allows for leaner manufacturing by eliminating waste on the shop floor. Before Schedule Advisor, the elves had a hard time keeping up with demand. Thanks to investing in an advanced planning and scheduling solution, the elves are now able to make the best use of every elf and toy-making machine on the shop floor rather than having elves or machines sit idle.

Improved Visibility

Advanced planning and scheduling enhances shop floor and supply chain visibility. The elves particularly love that they get real-time alerts to changes and interruptions on the shop floor. When a problem arises, they can use drag and drop functionality to move jobs to alternate dates and/or workstations.

“Can We Build This” Functionality

An advanced planning and scheduling tool such as Schedule Advisor allows for easy strategic decision-making. For the elves, new Christmas lists are coming in all the time, and they need to make sure they don’t overpromise toys. Of course, Santa never likes to say no to the kids on the ‘nice’ list so if Schedule Advisor alerts that the North Pole does not have the capacity to take on a new list, they can reach out to their elf friends in the South Pole to help.


Whether you use Visibility ERP or another ERP solution, Visibility’s advanced planning and scheduling tool Schedule Advisor might be the solution your shop floor needs. Increase efficiency and visibility just like the elves and Santa did at the North Pole. We hope all of our followers are enjoying a joyful holiday season.

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