Industry Overview

Streamline each part of the production process in your manufacturing job shop with Visibility ERP. Closely manage each job from start to finish with minimal effort. Schedule and deliver on time, every time. Control labor costs, track inventory accurately, and have visibility into every piece of your business. Track all jobs, customers, inventory and more, in one convenient spot with Visibility ERP. No need for estimating, Visibility offers What If Simulations for Costing and Job Scheduling. Be confident knowing that each custom job will be done efficiently and effectively from the time you receive an RFQ until the product is delivered.

 Industry Specific Functionality

  • What If Simulations for Costing and Job Scheduling
  • Single Source for Document Management
  • Machine and Resource Planning and Scheduling
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Production Operation Reporting and Backflushing
  • Material Planning and Job Order Pegging
  • Parametric Product Configurator for Custom Configurations
  • Robust Quality Management and Resolution Tools
  • Sales Quotation and Opportunity Processing
  • Seamless PDM / CAD Integration with Bills of Material
  • RFQ Processing with Online Collaboration
  • Real-Time Machine and Resource Factory Feedback
  • Graphical Shop Scheduling with Capable to Promise
  • Customer Collaboration Portals
  • Mobile Shop Job Data Collection
  • Job Cost Estimating

Visibility understands that job shop manufacturers are typically dealing with several different software solutions. With Visibility ERP, all pieces of your business are stored in one, easy-to-use software. Why wait? Schedule a demo now to see how Visibility can enhance the way your business functions!

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