Industry Overview

From oil and gas to wind and solar, Visibility ERP offers innovative technology to fuel your energy manufacturing business. In the rapidly evolving energy world, Visibility's ERP solution ensures that you will reduce costs and anticipate changing demands.

Visibility is recognized by analysts and the market as a leader in providing ERP solutions to the energy and utilities industry. Multi-site, multi-national and multi-lingual, Visibility offers compelling functional breadth and depth for the energy sector. Our extensive implementation experience and success in energy includes manufacturing companies in nuclear, power management systems, oil and gas, deep sea exploration, clean energy and energy logistics manufacturing.

Industry Specific Functionality

  • Service based, asset intensive requirements are fully supported with field service, asset monitoring, proactive scheduling and repair processing
  • Cloud based and on premise ERP solution
  • Mobile CRM, field service, asset management and shop floor control
  • Sales Forecasting, shop floor production simulations and graphical shop scheduling
  • Gain competitive advantage through new revenue streams rooted in the business intelligence delivered by Visibility
  • Automated workflow processes to adjust to market changes
  • Native Project Based Manufacturing and Accounting, including Estimate to Complete, Progress Billings, Revenue Recognition Methods and Project Budgeting
  • Standard PLM integration to reduce development costs and streamline engineering efforts

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