Why Visibility?

Choosing the right ERP solution shouldn't be a hassle, which is why Visibility makes it easy for you to make the right choice. Visibility ERP is the solution you have been looking for. We want to help you automate your shop floor, get more production efficiency, improve utilization, shrink your lead times, lower your costs and improve your customer service level - all of which result in great benefits to the bottom line. Your ROI will happen within the first year. How do we do that? Well, we simply believe in what we do as we have described in the points below. Visibility focuses on all of the aspects of the partnership and specifically on how your ERP solution will help you make your money. We could go on and on about what makes us stand out, but we are going to break it down to the top reasons why Visibility ERP is the best choice. 

Visibility's Company Dynamic

We are family-owned and operated with no intention of being acquired. We are privately held and very sound from a financial perspective. We are focused exclusively on serving the needs of one industry: make to order manufacturing. We believe in “building our own” stuff. We don’t use 3rd parties and everything that we are proposing is developed and supported by Visibility. You work directly with the software developer and as part of that customer intimacy will have direct access to all of the most senior development, implementation, and support resources.

All Fish are Big Fish in Our Small Pond

We pride ourselves on very intimate relationships with each and every customer. We are focused exclusively on serving the needs of one industry: make to order manufacturing. Only having one product is a true benefit to our customers. We are laser-focused on our only solution and your investment goes precisely to that one solution. There is strength in our size, not risk, as you will be a big fish in our pond.


We are typically the most cost attractive solution to implement. Why? Because our people, product and processes are solely focused on make-to-order manufacturing companies. 

Visibility's Implementation Process

Our implementation process is unlike any other. We have a proven methodology for “to order” manufacturing companies. We don’t serve non-manufacturing industries and as a result, our processes are highly focused on "to-order" manufacturing companies. Your Project Manager has successfully implemented over 40 customers, many of which are MTO companies like yours. As such, we are faster (4-6 month implementation), more economical, and have never had a failed ERP implementation project. Our people and processes provide the lowest amount of risk to any company implementing an ERP solution. 

Product Use

Visibility ERP is a Microsoft based, modern, contemporary, intuitive and easy to use solution with built-in user features like automated workflow, alerts, unlimited user-defined fields, “tile” based navigation, personal dashboards, personalized portals / windows / reports / menus, a very customizable user interface and one that is highly visually appealing.  The User Defined Fields and Text Boxes feature is very much appreciated by our customers as it allows them to extend their use of Visibility ERP and easily share and redirect that information to downstream operations. None of the personalization features impact your ability to upgrade to each release of our solution. 

Product Functionality 

We strongly believe that there is no better product on the market for managing make to order manufacturing operations. The functional depth in projects, work orders, scheduling, shop floor data collection, cost tracking, and labor reporting are simply perfect for the MTO company.  Visibility ERP includes built-in CRM, shop floor data collection, time & attendance, Business Intelligence, quoting & estimating, job management, quality, and our visual scheduling board. All functions, from prospect development through manufacturing and planning to accounting were built at the same time using the same development standards so there is a simple consistency to the entire product that reduces the learning curve for the product. Visibility ERP is an easy to use software system. 

Unmatched Support

Here at Visibility, we pride ourselves on stellar customer support. Our offices are conveniently located in Boston, Massachusetts and Manchester, United Kingdom with no plans to move offshore. Our Response Center has an average tenure of about 15 years with the company. When you call, you will get a resource that can quickly assess and solve your issue. Often times, issues are resolved on the first call or contact. Our European headquarters allows for combined US and UK Response Center hours of support. We only offer one type of support plan to all customers. There are no levels of support. You get first tier, senior support resources on all calls and issues.

Interested? Contact us now, or request a demo and let us prove to you why Visibility ERP is the right choice for your company!