Labor Management

Visibility ERP Labor Management provides you with the ability to generate timely labor reporting information for management, in addition to facilitating the company's ability to ensure the smooth running of Human Resource (HR) administration.

In complex product manufacturing there is typically a greater span of resources that need to record specific time against customer sales orders, work orders, projects or department charges. Visibility ERP provides comprehensive tools for capturing both production related and overhead time bookings, ranging from hourly timesheets to web based time collection for remote employees. Whether using Visibility timesheets, our barcoding solutions, or our touch screen kiosk solution for labor collection, Visibility will improve your labor management. 

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Timesheet Maintenance

Timesheet maintenance lets supervisors account for all employee time, whether it is booking time to a project task, manufacturing time on a specific work order operation, engineering time, or other maintenance or overhead time. 

Supervisors can quickly review, edit, and post employee time, expediting the labor management process and ensuring traceability and audit trails. This provides management and your business with greater labor accuracy and insights into your actual labor costs. If you're using paper time sheets, excel, an antiquated timesheet entry system or other manual methods, it's time to save time and money and have greater visibility into your business with Visibility ERP and our labor management solutions. 


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