Maintenance Operations

The ability to track incidents and service equipment after installation is an integral part of capital equipment manufacturers. The Visibility ERP Maintenance Operations module assists with the tracking and resolution of customer service calls through its integration with the controls, labor and order entry features of other Visibility ERP modules. This module allows you to:

  • Track and report equipment service calls
  • Track and report equipment failures
  • Track and report equipment repairs
  • Catalog contract types and associated coverage
  • Manufactured equipment service information integrated with ERP system
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Maintenance Features

  • Failure Code Maintenance provides the ability to enter part or product failures associated with service calls.
  • Repair Code Maintenance functionality holds the repair codes and has the ability to link them to the failure codes easing the technician's job in providing a resolution.
  • Urgency-Deadline Code Maintenance allows you to set up codes to designate the level of urgency or priority on a particular call type and the associated timeframe in which the call will be responded to and completed.
  • Contract Type Maintenance allows you to catalog the types of service contracts your company offers; for example, service, warranty, time and materials.
  • Contract Coverage Type Maintenance allows the designation of service contract types that your customers can purchase.
  • Order Maintenance is used to enter the service calls for dispatch and inventory assignment associated with the parts used on the calls.
  • Order Invoicing is used to invoice your customer for the labor incurred and parts used on service calls.

Preventative Maintenance

Visibility ERP allows businesses to perform preventative maintenance in relation to both internal and as-sold and serviced equipment, tools and parts.

Visibility ERP Maintenance Operations allows all businesses to define and manage the tooling used within the company from engineering to the shop floor to quality assurance and in the field. Tool usage and life cycle consumption can be tracked subject to proactive preventative maintenance or service internal controlled removal from use.

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Warranty & Service Management

Visibility ERP Maintenance Operations module integrates with order entry, serviceable items and related components and labor distribution to plan for field service events and track the activity of field service personnel associated with customer warranty or service calls. Using Visibility ERP Maintenance Operations module will help each company provide clients with efficient and reliable service related to both the resolution of warranty issues, proactive service and preventative maintenance service contract sales while reducing the cost of such services. 

Visibility ERP Maintenance Operations module lets all companies maintain online service history and product configuration information. With highly accurate and easily accessible service records, each user can flag problem parts and processes whenever they may occur in the lifecycle of a product.


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