Vendor Server


Vendor Server

Rising procurement costs result from ineffective communication with suppliers, ranging from erroneous information on quotation requests to the manually intensive activities associated with sending and receiving information. This issue is further compounded by the absence of historical information, including pricing and collaboration documentation such as drawings, design specifications and Terms & Conditions. Without adopting a more strategic approach, your company may possibly be faced with higher costs, less accuracy, long lead times, higher carrying costs and lower customer satisfaction.

Visibility Vendor Server transforms the procurement process into an efficient and collaborative web-based connection between you and your suppliers. It allows for complete buy-side supply chain management in a real-time web environment.

Vendor Server provides reduced purchasing costs, effective and rapid communication with global suppliers and partners, and streamlining of the entire procurement process from requisition to product receipt.


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As a result, your procurement professionals can focus their efforts on more value-added activities such as sourcing and supplier relationship management. Quotation requests, purchase order entry and management, supplier quote assessment, comprehensive workflows, and document management are some of the business enhancements which can significantly drive down procurement costs. 

Vendor Server automates and streamlines business processes that previously required significant manual intervention, thereby saving you time and money.


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