Parts and BOMs

Visibility ERP focuses on ergonomics as well as rich functionality in creating and maintaining product data. Elimination of duplicate entry and access to both "quick entry" and "full maintenance" forms allows engineers to focus on engineering not data entry.

Early Engineer

New parts are generated based on entry of manufacturer part reference and an estimated cost.

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Part Grid Maintenance

New parts may be entered in spreadsheet mode. Extensive field defaults have been incorporated to allow new part entry with only two items: part number and part description.

BOM Tree

Any level in a multi-level BOM can be accessed via an integrated tree style panel, supporting real life scenarios in complex product design.

Split BOM

Item part lists can be developed in a two panel form; loading previously engineered BOM or part-list data from a product into the source panel, then copying selected items into the working BOM.

Manufacturer Cross Reference

Multiple manufacturer cross reference part numbers are supported with pass through warranty specifications.

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BOM Properties

Floor stock, phantom, fixed-quantity, and process operation linkage properties are all supported.


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