Visibility’s ERP solution for discrete manufacturing enables companies to focus on cost reduction and profit increase. From the technology platform to the functionality and the implementation delivery model, Visibility helps discrete manufacturing companies surpass their business objectives.

Understanding Discrete Manufacturing

Since discrete manufacturers make products comprised of various components, it’s important for discrete manufacturers to keep track of their parts and completed assemblies. Considering this, these are some common challenges faced by discrete manufacturers. 

Common Challenges Faced by Discrete Manufacturers: 

  • Managing production across multiple locations
  • Balancing inventory investment with customer service levels
  • Managing supplier relationships, supplier history, and evaluating suppliers based on performance
  • Controlling product design changes 
  • Exceeding quality management efforts beyond regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring the quality of parts and raw materials
  • Managing products as projects with costs and task tracking
  • Identifying and responding to seasonal demand patterns
  • Scheduling production to meet deadlines, ensure adequate machinery, labor, and time, and account for machinery maintenance and downtime
  • Managing component requirements
  • Reducing lead times and forecast errors.
  • Synchronizing supply with customer demand

How Visibility Can Help

With the help of our ERP solution, discrete manufacturers can simplify their management of component parts, suppliers, product design changes, inventory, and production schedules. Visibility ERP is equipped to manage the complex needs of discrete manufacturers and provides both functional and business benefits.

Business Benefits with Visibility ERP

  • Reduction in order processing times
  • Simple bookkeeping 
  • Optimal use of both human and machine resources
  • Provides better order fulfillment accuracy and improved on-time delivery
  • Improved quality and reduction in customer service issues

Functional Benefits with Visibility ERP

  • Real-time information and business analytics
  • Proactive alerts and workflow messages to focus attention on business priorities
  • Mobile warehouse management and shop floor labor reporting provides real-time feedback and reduces costs and overhead. 
  • Supply chain integration through collaboration modules for both vendors and customers

Discover Our Solutions at Visibility Corporation 

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As a vendor focused on meeting the unique needs of discrete manufacturing companies, Visibility is well respected and renowned for implementing innovative solutions that manage customer and vendor expectations and help companies focus on new business models and new revenue streams.

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