product configurator

Automate the Design and Sale of Complex Products

Who is the Product Configurator For?

Our Product Configurator is ideal for custom manufacturing companies and is a key component of Visibility ERP. It contains features, options, rules and formulas, and is perfect for the make to order company that has some standardization to their product offerings. 

For companies with a high variety of product options and features where the creation of BOMs and Routings for each iteration is simply not practical, the Product Configurator is an ideal solution. It minimizes cycle times, reduces order entry errors, and improves the transition from sales to the shop floor.

What Does the Product Configurator Help Improve?

Replicate the Knowledge of your Best Sales Rep

Your sales reps are an asset to your organization and have a wealth of knowledge on your products and business. With the Visibility Product Configurator, you are now able to replicate that knowledge within Visibility ERP. This makes quoting and order entry quicker and easier for your current and future sales reps and captures and preserves their expertise for years to come.

Ensure End Items are Valid, Buildable, Deliverable Products

As part of the quoting and selling process, you may wish to ensure your end item is a valid, buildable, and deliverable product, then rules are the perfect solution. 

Rules can be quite simple. For example, if the customer wants a specific motor option then the Product Configurator can automatically prevent or require the selection of a related option, like the electrical system. Rules can also solve complex calculations as well where variables are input and the rules and formulas calculate the amount of time for a machining operation or the quantity of paint that is needed on a BOM.

The rules validate your finished items and reduce the need for your order entry personnel or customers to manually make decisions as part of the configuration process.

Simple User Experience

The Product Configurator improves the user experience by dynamically altering the colors of options and features to provide a visual clue there is a rule that has been violated or that a feature is in fact valid. The same goes with dynamic imagery that changes as the user navigates their way through the configuration. 

There is a helpful price matrix that can calculate pricing based on dimensions and sizing too. Users can specify how much of the configuration detail is printed on both the quote and sales order acknowledgment. In addition, features and options can be set as either optional or required.

Enable Customers to do Self-Service Configurations

The Configurator is also available from within our Customer Server module which allows our customers to generate their own custom quotes and orders for configured models that you have defined and released to sales.

Create Bills of Material and Shop Floor Routings

The Product Configurator creates custom bills of material (BOM) and shop floor routings. As users navigate through the configuration, the rules add parts and quantities to the BOM while also adding operations and run times to the routings. These BOMs and routings can be treated as a “one-off” or they can be saved as standard items in the part master, and standard BOMs and routings in our Engineering and Shop Control modules.

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What Industries is the Product Configurator Meant For?

  • Industrial Machinery
  • Transportation
  • Systems Integrators
  • Electronics
  • Custom Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Windows and Doors

Why Choose Visibility’s Product Configurator?

  • Automates Complex Decisions
  • Improves Accuracy of Quotes and Orders
  • Can Create Re-Usable Smart Part Numbers
  • Improves Customer Collaboration
  • Solves Dimensional Product Needs
  • Offers a Guided Selling Experience
  • Validates Choices
  • Calculates Costs, Prices and Margins
  • Delivers Faster Sales Cycles

Have Questions About Our Product Configurator?

Interested in learning more about the Product Configurator? Get in touch with us for a more in-depth rundown. You can reach us online or give us a call at 978-269-6500.