Human Resources and Payroll

Human Resources and Payroll

All aspects of employee definition, time tracking and expense posting are managed via Visibility ERP Human Resources, Payroll and Time and Attendance functionality. 

Employees and Resources

Employee details include pay class and rate, department and resource code assignment. In addition, employee skills, training and certifications can be tracked and referenced.

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Time and Attendance

Collecting time is fast and efficient using the Visibility ERP standard web browser interface. This ability is key to accumulating accurate time keeping records for all employees from any location. Time and attendance includes functions that enable supervisors to create and maintain schedules for breaks and shifts, and to establish transaction types that further control the clock-in/clock-out data entry process.

All data collection and update of associated costs can be performed in real-time and be subject to confirmation before acceptance for posting. Time data, including hours worked detail, can be quickly extracted in a variety of forms, including XML for delivery to payroll service providers.

Labor Distribution

Time and expense transactions can be posted directly to project tasks, sales order lines, work order operations, department overhead or other charge accounts.

Project Accounting

Labor hours, expense transactions and analysis can be performed in relation to project tasks or linked work orders, sales orders or overhead accounts.

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