Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Visibility ERP Quality Management System module is integrated throughout the application and business process. It delivers integrated quality assurance management by extending standard shop floor control and provides for the creation and use of revision controlled, "process oriented" routings. Quality Management Systems also offers a number of tools to assist in quality control data collection and analysis. This module can help businesses achieve ISO compliance with a well defined process throughout the business from the shop floor and in all aspects of the production cycle. 

Closed-loop controls are accomplished in the Quality Management Systems module via the following six key items, each of which has a definition process and an execution process:

  • Online maintenance and availability of procedures and work area instructions
  • Process attributes definition and data collection
  • Linkage of employee skills and tools to process steps
  • Tooling use and life-cycle management
  • Integrated, online corrective action requests
  • Online enforcement of strict document revision control
  • Linkage of procedures or work area instructions with processes and tools


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