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Visibility Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a business strategy understands that customers are a company's greatest asset. Through establishing more effective customer relationships, companies decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Visibility ERP CRM suite maximizes the value of every customer interaction through its integrated approach that manages, synchronizes and coordinates every customer and potential customer interaction. In complex manufacturing, companies and their customers interact through every step of the process, from engaging the customer as a prospect all the way through to servicing the customer. Efficient sharing and management of these processes provides faster communication, improved customer support and enhanced customer loyalty. 

What Does Visibility CRM Offer?

Prospect and Sales Force Automation

The sales organization in every company directly impacts the overall business performance as it relates to revenue generation and margin attainment. Through Contact Management capabilities, Visibility ERP facilitates timely and coordinated management of leads, contacts and opportunities. Having the ability to configure and price complex quotations and sales orders, gather and review historical sales data, access information associated with customer related jobs and projects allows appropriate individuals to quote more quickly and accurately. Visibility ERP offers built-in Sales Force Automation capabilities via the use of its integrated Workflow automation engine. Support for detailed or extended sales and marketing campaigns can be further facilitated by leveraging the opportunity for integrated use of tools such as or Microsoft CRM or Hubspot.

Customer Server Portal

One key element of the Visibility ERP CRM Suite is the Customer Server Portal which allows customers to access individual prospect and customer information including as-built data, job status, documents and notes. Additionally, the Customer Portal provides customers with a 24/7 business solution that enables automated self-service.

Customer accessibility is made easy and securely with the Customer Portal. It provides self-service capabilities with a multi-lingual 24/7 e-commerce storefront to facilitate the customer's investigation and ordering activities. Product catalogs are groomed for both anonymous and trusted partner access, with appropriate access to pricing and part availability. 

Quoting and Estimating

Accurate estimates are a key element for manufacturers of complex products and critical to company profitability. Visibility ERP Quoting and Estimating module allows rapid development of comprehensive and accurate cost and profitability estimates for all projects.

This integrated system supports the concurrent engineering aspect of the To-Order manufacturing business by utilizing its data with other business processes. All users work from the same database and information once. 

Quoting and Estimating provides a complete breakdown of all materials, labor and delivery costs. It allows companies to quote standard products where price and availability are the key variables, as well as products that require extensive design engineering or multiple configurations.  

Configuration templates, with interdependent selections and linked graphic elements, are easily set up without programming. These configuration capabilities can pass product details to quotes or directly to the planning and fulfillment functions. Estimating allows the work up of Pre-Engineered product costs and price estimates without the use of engineered parts. 

Available to Promise

Available to Promise (ATP) is an important element in providing superior customer service. Setting proper expectations at the time of order enables subsequent on time delivery and solidifies the customer/partner relationship.

Order Management

Process orders more efficiently through gaining visibility into the process of generating, tracking and managing orders across departments and between companies with the Visibility ERP Order Management system. 

Visibility ERP streamlines the order fulfillment process by providing accurate and complete information. This reduces the cycle time from the sales function, this entry of customer product specifications, to actual production on the shop floor. Reduced cycle time means increased profitability and customer satisfaction. 

The Visibility ERP Order Management system generates sales orders through direct input from quotes, configurator or Customer Portal. Orders can be tracked in real-time through the manufacturing, shipping and invoicing processes, while capturing accounting information such as project costs, pricing, profit margins and Accounts Receivable. 

Many customer relationships involve complex contract and credit arrangement. Using Visibility ERP, simple orders, as well as complex order types, are easily executed. Additionally, CRM functionality supports customers with master billing and credit structures, pooled credit within subgroups, and pre-defined contracts from deposits, percent complete, and retention terms. 


The ability to track incidents and service equipment are installation is an integral part of capital equipment, To-Order, and complex product manufacturers. The Service module assists with the tracking and resolution of customer service calls through its integration with the controls, labor and order entry features, resulting in a lower number of customer service calls while reducing service costs. 

The Visibility ERP Service module provides call center logging, tracking of site and module equipment, along with "as-manufactured" properties. RMA and Service orders provide for administration of billable and warranty returns and repairs. 

Visibility ERP Service lets all companies maintain online service history and product configuration information. With highly accurate and easily accessible service records, each user can flag problem parts and processes whenever they may occur in the lifecycle of a product. 

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