Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Visibility ERP offers enterprise wide Inventory Control that integrates planning and management of inventory at all warehouse locations. It provides the flexibility needed to:

  • Manage the different types of inventory involved in building complex products
  • Provide high levels of traceability and control for high value or long lead time components
  • Ensure suitable levels of safety stock for bulk or re-order point items
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Multi-Level Inventory Control

The amount of information and what level of control each part needs can be defined. Traceability can range from part level to individual serial number or lot reference control. Location tracking can be by warehouse/location or just warehouse primary location.


Project Inventory

Project Inventory provides the capability for parts to be bought, charged and reserved in inventory for specific projects. Once project inventory items are received into a warehouse location, Visibility ERP prevents them from being utilized for any purpose other than their reserved project.

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Warehouse Maintenance

Any number of warehouses can be defined in Visibility ERP. Each warehouse is assigned a General Ledger account number against which transactions related to material movement will be charged. It allows for active use of warehouse for any or all of parts, finished goods, in-transit, MRB or inspection.

Parts which are subject to incoming inspection may be optionally defined as available for accounts payable invoice match, or held as off balance sheet items until accepted from incoming inspection.

Warehouse Detail Maintenance

Warehouse Detail Maintenance records the warehouse each part is stored in, specifies whether location control is enabled for the part and warehouse combination and establishes the primary location of each part number in the warehouse. Safety Stock, Economic Order Quantities and Reorder Point Quantities can be stored for each part in the warehouse.

Location Control

Location Control integrates with the Inventory Control Module. Location control enables the organization to receive issue and transfer on-hand quantities of parts in and out of locations within warehouses. Inventory control allows for location control by:

  • Warehouse Master Maintenance
  • Warehouse Detail Maintenance
  • Location Master Maintenance
  • Location Detail Maintenance

Inventory Count and Cost Accuracy

Visibility ERP provides the tools to ensure that Inventory records are maintained with maximum accuracy. Support is provided for cycle counting of perpetual inventory, management based on the ABC classification of parts and full stock count facilitates for annualized counts. ABC category calculation and how cycle count requirements are associated with each category can be defined. Inventory may be costed by warehouse using the following methods:

  • Standard Cost 
  • Actual Cost - LIFO
  • Actual Cost - FIFO
  • Actual Cost - Average

Automated Data Collection

Barcode identified inventory data collection is available via Visibility's VisMobile Warehouse Management System for the following inventory related transactions. 

  • Kit completion (material issues to work orders)
  • Production receipts for work orders
  • Physical inventory count
  • Cycle count

Multi-Entity Inventory Management

Visibility ERP provides a true multi-entity environment where multiple related or non-related businesses may be operation within the context of a single Visibility ERP installation and database. Where business entities may have a customer to supplier relationship in one or both directions, Visibility ERP supports the use of inter-entity purchasing, warehouse transfer and cost accounting.


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