Quoting and Estimating

Quoting and Estimating

Accurate estimates are a key element for manufacturers of complex products and critical to company profitability. Visibility ERP Quoting and Estimating module allows rapid development of comprehensive and accurate cost and profitability estimates for all projects.

This integrated system supports the concurrent engineering aspect of the To-Order business by utilizing its data with other business processes. All users work from the same database and information once. 

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Quoting and Estimating provides a complete breakdown of all materials, labor and delivery costs. It allows companies to quote standard products where price and availability are the key variables. as well as products that require extensive design engineering or multiple configurations. 

Configuration templates, with inter-dependent selections and linked graphic elements, are easily set up without programming. These configuration capabilities can pass product details to quotes or directly to the planning and fulfillment functions. Estimating allows the work up of Pre-Engineered product costs and estimates without the use of engineered parts. The end result of this process is an internal facing Estimate containing all your material and labor costs and mark ups in addition to your customer facing quote which can contain as much or as little information as you'd like to share with your customers. 

Integrated Information

Linkage of quotes, projects and orders assures efficient business flow from initial estimate development, through bid proposals, into operations management.


Quoting and Estimating links to workflow templates to allow the in-process estimate to be routed to the appropriate departments and provide complete online status checking. The module automatically converts quotes to sales orders upon acceptance, and provides user definable won/loss analysis for every quote created.

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Integrated Configuration

Quote and order line development is supported by use of the integrated Product Configurator. This provides guided parameter selection, web access, rule-based definition of content, costs, pricing, and engineering structure.

Available to Promise

Available to Promise (ATP) is an important element in providing superior customer service. Setting proper expectations at the time of order enables subsequent on time delivery and solidifies the customer/partner relationship.

Order Administration

Available to Promise provides real-time order administration support, displaying current and future planned product availability, while accessing the integrated ERP data set for reliable information. Providing access to total supply as well as to allocation details, ATP empowers order administrators with the data needed to process customer requests in real-time.


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