Industry Overview

Marine and Shipbuilding can present many unique business challenges. Visibility ERP can help you to better manage the highly customized parts and jobs needed in the Marine and Shipbuilding industry. Easily keep track of large, multi-year, multi-phase projects and transform the way you do business. No need to use multiple software systems for business processes; Visibility ERP seamlessly integrates with PLM and CAD systems. Gain competitive advantages with improved real-time information access, traceability, and control of information throughout every step of your business process. Visibility ERP gives companies unmatched flexibility to meet the challenging demands cost-effectively for all of your business operations. Streamline and automate communication between all users involved. Produce highly-customized and top quality products that satisfy your customers, every time. 

Industry Specific Functionality

  • Manage large, multi-year, multi-phase projects 
  • Seamlessly integrate PLM and CAD into Visibility ERP
  • Meet shipbuilding compliance requirements
  • Improve your supply chain with e-Procurement, e-RFQ, and e-Invoicing
  • Hyper-granular job costing and performance analysis
  • Automate the lead acquisition through opportunity and forecasting processes
  • Eliminate offline quoting and estimating
  • Automate sales processes with our parametric Product Configurator
  • Optimize material planning with project specific inventory guidance
  • Relevant marine performance metrics and dashboards on project and operation performance
  • Complete inspection processing, CAR, NCMR, and CAPA management
  • Integrated financial processing and standard financial reporting templates

Customer satisfaction is prioritized in any business, but in the Marine and Shipbuilding industry, it is crucial. Your customers will notice a difference. Contact Visibility today to learn more! 

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