Customer Server

Customer Server

Customers need quick self-service access to pricing, quotes, order status, online ordering, and repair items. To-Order manufacturers, arguably more so than other manufacturing sectors, conduct business with end customers and partners in a global market. Providing quick turnaround, specifically on order placement related items can be a daunting challenge due to time zone differences and the numbers of parts and suppliers involved with each end product. Further complicating responsiveness can be the high volumes of inventory items and engineering challenges. 

Customers, regardless of their global location, need fast access to price and inventory availability. Spares Departments need quick turnaround on quotes and orders, and Commercial Departments need traceability of bidding, order process and associated documents. These factors, if not addressed, lead to high costs, less accuracy, long lead times, higher carrying costs and lower customer satisfaction.

Customer Server enables access to product catalogs with price books configured to each customer. Self-service inquiries on current and historic orders and quotes can be exectued. Online ordering and quoting is made capable within the secure framework of Visibility Customer Server. 


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Visibility Customer Server not only enhances business operations but also improves customer satisfaction by providing the tools to collaboratively manage sales from requests for quotes through sales orders processing. Customers have direct access to product information, pricing, availability, and can submit and track orders online, thereby reducing the total cost of commercial administration while streamlining the sales process and fostering strong relationships with customers and suppliers.


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