Lot/Serial Number Control

The Lot/Serial Number Control option enables tracking the activity of inventory items that are sold, purchased or manufactured. Lot and Serial Number traceability meet the requirements for CFR 21 Subpart 15 traceability and management. Parts can be designated as lot or serial control and then assigned a lot or serial number.

Once assigned, parts can be selected by their lot/serial numbers when performing functions over a wide range of activities. New and existing parts can be recalled by a part using the lot/serial number in the IQ Plus general inquires module. These inquiries show when a specific lot/serial controlled part was involved in a material transaction.

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Tracking & Tracing

Lot/Serial tracking enables the ability to determine where a specific part or its lot was used. Tracing identities the lot/serial number of each part as well as the lot/serial controlled components that went towards its production.

Lot/Serial numbers may be auto generated in Visibility ERP or can also be manually created with ease. We also offer functionality to preassign lot/serial numbers for all parts to be built in work orders or to be sold in sales orders.

Customers using Visibility Lot/Serial functionality have the flexibility to select a prefix and increment value which offers the ability to configure this functionality to exactly meet your business needs.

Lot/Serial Reports

The following are a sampling of lot/serial reports which provide access to specific lot/serial information:

  • Lot/serial parts in inspection
  • Lot/serial part stock status
  • Lot and serial number expiration
  • Physical tags
  • Multi-level lot/serial track
  • Single level lot/serial track
  • Work Order Lot/Serial Pre-Assigns and Issues Report
  • Recommended Lot/Serial Kit List Report
  • Lot/Serial Where Used Report
  • Lot/Serial Hierarchy by Part or Work Order Report
  • Lot/Serial Part History Inquiry 
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