General Ledger and Financial Consolidator

General Ledger and Financial Consolidator

General Ledger defines the financial core of a company's business. The Visibility ERP General Ledger provides the tools to measure performance against budget at individual levels including project, department and account levels.

Transaction cost reporting and processing is available based on either actual or standard cost. General Ledger transactions are processed and posted in real-time to assure immediate visibility into the health and performance of every business. Complete support for multi-entity businesses is built-in assuring every individual the ability to conduct and manage business within any combination of single or multiple business hierarchies.

Specifically, it makes it possible for everyone to track and report costs, including real-time actual costs, and actual cost to estimate or budget cost comparison in relation to different account types including:


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Unlimited Ledger Account Hierarchy

The General Ledger structure is capable of supporting any number of levels within an account hierarchy, and providing both detailed and summarized information at any point in the account hierarchy. To assure cost accounting accuracy at all transaction levels, each financial transaction is recorded including all composite actual costs. Easily create and manage the company's ledger using account numbers with up to fifty characters or numbers organized in User-Defined-Hierarchies with automated sub-account to account roll-up for reporting. To provide solid audit controls, accounts may be defined with links to departments, work orders, sales orders, warehouses, cash accounts as well as for General Ledger journal entry record keeping.

Currency Management

Integrated support for multiple currencies exists through all transactions. Currency exchange rate management can be controlled via the use of the built-in time-phased exchange rate table or by implementing a connection to a web based exchange rate service provider. Bank accounts may be set up to manage transactions in single or multiple currencies with automatic exchange rate gains and losses recorded automatically in relation to the defined reporting currency.

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Department Accounting

Use of a common account structure for department charges simplifies department expense, overhead, data collection, and management reporting. Department accounting enables analysis of department expenses either for a selected department across all expense accounts or categories, or to compare departmental expenses to budgets within the context of selected expense categories.

Consolidation and Reporting

Consolidated financial reporting across one of multiple business entities and multiple currencies (including automated posting of inter-company eliminations) is available using the Visibility's Business Intelligence solution. Visibility Business Intelligence combines multi-dimensional analysis with additional functionality which enables viewing of financial measurements at a high level with the ability to easily drill down into transaction level detail. This dramatically improves analysis and reduces the time and effort required to produce monthly consolidated financial statements. Month-end close cycles can be reduced from days to hours and the data accuracy increases exponentially. Access to General Ledger information is also provided via IQPlus, a built in real-time inquiry and report writing tool.


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