Visibility ERP Purchasing module permits preparation of requisitions and purchase orders, including blanket order parts against a warehouse or any work order, sales order, project or valid general ledger account. It is fully integrated with Visibility ERP Accounts Payable, Cost Accounting, General Inquiries, Inventory Control, and Work In Process to track materials, costs and activity. Our purchasing module provides your team of buyers with insights into vendor performance, lead times, delivery dates, and recommendations for buying via MRP. This ensures your purchasing team is more efficient, more accurate, and that customer deadlines are met. 


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Specialized Buying

With the Visibility ERP Purchasing module, engineers can requisition long delivery items and charge them to a project before their product design is completed. The Visibility ERP planning modules are fully aware of these project inventory requisitions and are capable of correctly matching them with the appropriate project related work order when the design catches up with the procurement and manufacturing process. Workflow integration and pre-set buyer limits allow control of the purchasing process and ensure that all the appropriate approvals are satisfied before a purchase order can be released.


Contact Management Relationships

Purchasing makes use of the Contact Management database that is used as the common repository for addresses in Visibility ERP, This helps to minimize duplication of effort and improve the accuracy of vendor data. Contacts can be defined as either or both a customer and a vendor. The benefit of a unified database for use across Visibility ERP is that fields can be prepopulated automatically based on selections made by your buyer. This makes your buyers more efficient in issuing PO's and prevents human errors, thereby improving accuracy. 

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Requests for Proposal and Vendor Quotes

Complex product manufacturers frequently need to buy specialized or "one off" items. Visibility ERP allows the buyer to convert a requisition into a RFQ that can be distributed to as many vendors as desired. Once vendor quotes are received back, RFQ's can be reviewed and evaluated. Then the chosen RFQ can be easily converted into a purchase order.

Visibility's Vendor Server module allows for web based interaction and management of vendors in-line with actual material requirements. 

Automation and Planning

The Visibility ERP Purchasing module is fully integrated so that purchase requisition lines or purchase order lines can be created directly from engineering and production BOMs, shortages or MRP planned orders. Business specific workflows can be used to assure the acceptance of a defined business process for requisition, quotation and purchasing as a best practice. The Visibility workflow module provides a framework to configure the workflows you need to manage your purchasing team and the rest of your business. To learn more about Visibility's Workflow module, click here. 


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