Paperless Operations

Paperless Operations

In a to-order manufacturing office there are many documents including proprietary information, drawings, invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, and CAD files. With a paper office, files can be misplaced and misfiled. Finding documents for appropriate jobs can be a lengthy process when this occurs. When documents are misfiled they might not be found again, and employees end up wasting time and money looking for the file or creating a new one.

With a paperless office, this issue can be solved by scanning the documents into Visibility using your own scanner. After the document is scanned, the user can name the document and attach it to a specific job. The paper document is no longer needed since it is copied into the system. With this solution there will be no more misfiled information, the documents will be easy to find, and there will not be a need for physical files. 

Visibility Document Attachment Automation assists customers in going paperless and having easier access to and control of documents within the Visibility ERP system. Not only does this solution eliminate the need for manual filing activities, it also eliminates the need to retain paper copies of orders, invoices, jobs, expense reports, and more. This saves you storage space and makes document retrieval simple.


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