Part and Product Attribute Management

The Visibility ERP Part and Product Attribute Management capabilities allow for explicit management of part attributes to aid in locating parts to avoid duplicate entry. The Visibility ERP search engine enables wildcard searches by any part property, or attribute, as well as by User Defined Fields (UDFs) and extended text.

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Extended Part Description

Fifty character part number and a one hundred character descriptor support the most demanding technical requirements. In support of complex products and customer contracts, the system provides the ability to enter unlimited extended text. Extended text has the ability to be output to business documents such as quotes, sales orders, and purchase orders.

User Defined Fields

An unlimited number of text, numeric, and date-based UDFs may be attached to parts, with flexible properties for required entry, code lookup and formatting.

Part Attributes

Part Attributes are similar to UDFs in the type of "site-specific" data that is stored. Part Attributes allow set up of different attribute sets for different product types. For example, diesel engines have a different set of attributes than integrated circuits or aluminum stock. Part Attributes can be used to provide a baseline for powerful, extended part search functionality based on any combination of part attributes together with common part record column values, UDF values and user defined long text field values.

Sets of attributes are linked to parts via part type. Attributes specify physical properties, including median value and tolerance ranges. Part Attributes are used by a variety of modules, including Customer Portal, Configurator and Quality Control. The full range of engineered part properties are supported, including product line, commodity, part class and web catalog cross reference.

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