Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection

Visibility ERP provides the means to collect both job progress and time information through a single transaction form. It is also capable of printing barcode shop floor documentation to enable automated collection of data via third-party shop floor data collection systems, ranging from simple barcode readers to radio frequency terminals.

Additional features of Visibility ERP include:

  • Extended employee master data
  • Jobs and skills management
  • Training & certification management
  • Department & resource maintenance
  • Shift pattern maintenance
  • Shop floor data capture
  • Hourly/salaried timesheet
  • Holiday allowance accounting
  • Active supervisor timesheet approval
  • Charge to work order, sales order, project or General Ledger codes


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Shop Floor Dashboard

Visibility Shop Floor Dashboard (SFD) is designed for modern manufacturers seeking a touchscreen experience for shop floor employees. While providing a kiosk experience, Visibility SFD enables users to see a real-time list of shop floor operations to be completed. Shop floor employees are able to interact by clicking on/off of job operations that they are working on via a touchscreen monitor on the shop floor. The solution supports serial and concurrent transactions. It uses visual color codes to indicate to the user the job operation(s) they are working on as well as job operations that have been paused/stopped by the user.



Visibility Shop Floor Dashboard enables manufacturers to accurately manage and track time spent working on specific jobs, thereby providing visibility into job costs. With configuration, attachments can be easily accessed in the system by shop floor employees. Users can also execute move tickets with a click of a button.

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VisMobile Labor

Through Visibility's VisMobile Labor module, employee time can be collected on a real time basis. VisMobile is intended to address the needs of manufacturing shop floors with the necessity to control Employee-Badge and Time-Clock data entry in a multi-shift 24x7 environment.

This solution lets shop floor employees enter their time directly into Visibility ERP through the use of a barcode scanner. It provides shop users with the ability to perform keyboard-less labor entries.

Warehouse Management System

Visibility WMS is a real-time web application that enables shop floor inventory transactions to be run on any hand-held device. Users will have the ability to use a wireless barcode scanner to execute various transactions including warehouse and location transfers, cycle counts, physical inventory, purchase receipts, material request fulfillment, work order moves, and paperless Kanban.

WMS is made easy with on-screen prompts, automatically populated data, and pre-printed barcodes that eliminate manual data entry. WMS is a flexible and adaptable application that stays current even as technology changes.


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