IQPlus Report Writer

IQPlus is an all-in-one reporting software that lets users create, modify, and distribute any type of report your company requires all through a web browser interface. IQPlus can be used for creating standard multi-line reports, invoices, statements, purchase orders and any on-screen inquiry users need to see. It enables your business to standardize all customized inquiries and reporting through a single product and architecture.

With .NET technology, the line between reports and online inquiries is advantageously blurred with comprehensive flexibility. User-created inquiries deliver “one-page-wonders;” multidomain information packaged into a single view. Drill-down hyperlinks are standard and link to all related areas within the system, making drilldowns only a click away.

Built entirely in Microsoft®.NET programming architecture, IQPlus does not need to be installed on the client PC; it runs entirely through Internet browsers. By utilizing the power of its server based reporting engine, every user benefits from a consistent report performance irrespective of the client device. All reports created in IQPlus are saved as XML report definitions in the IQPlus database, meaning that reports can be created on any client device and deployed on any client device. This effectively removes the huge administrative burden of managing locally created reports and installing (and upgrading) client based software associated with client server report writing tools.


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With IQPlus, report developers can create screen based inquiries that are capable of providing drill-down links to other inquiries, enabling the author to build a series of drill-down inquiries where the user is able to navigate from an initial summarized view down into progressively more detailed inquiries or even printed forms.

IQPlus gives the end user flexibility to choose the format of the output produced – inquiry results can be displayed as HTML, Adobe PDF, XML or Microsoft Excel formats. The scheduling and distribution engine allows the user to determine the scheduling, format and method of distribution for a report, whether it be an ad hoc screen based inquiry, a nightly printed report, or a daily PDF report distribution through e-mail. Users can simultaneously run and, or develop multiple reports at the same time.


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