Business Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence for Better Decision Making

What is Visibility Business Intelligence?

The purpose of Business Intelligence, or BI, is not to answer common questions, but instead to uncover new questions and find answers to those questions. Visibility's BI Analyzers transform unrelated, detailed information from one or more disparate business applications into meaningful, business-focused intelligence.

Visibility BI provides you with the tool-set for tailored reporting and analytics, thereby allowing you to control the information you see and need precisely at that moment.

What Does Visibility Business Intelligence Offer?  

Project Analysis

The Project Analyzer is one of the Plug and Play Business Intelligence Portals in the Visibility database. The Project Analyzer allows you to view and analyze key data collected within the project accounting portion of Visibility ERP. Analyze what’s driving your business with information presented the way managers view their organization – cross tabs, pie charts, line graphs or bar charts. 

The cube lets you explore multidimensional information by navigating through increasing levels of detail, then simply slice and dice to view different dimensions of the selected data. Visibility utilizes the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite.

Purchasing Analysis

The Visibility Purchasing Analyzer helps maximize your purchasing control through cross tabs, pie charts, line graphs or bar charts. The cubes let you explore multidimensional information by navigating through increasing levels of detail, then simply slice and dice to view different dimensions of the selected data. 

If you wish to see the actual transactions that created the cube, then “drill thru”. Designed specifically for manufacturers, this solution offers a cost-effective way to extend the functionality of the core business system in the reporting and analysis capabilities it offers.

Sales Analysis

The Visibility Sales Analyzer delivers comprehensive sales analysis capabilities with minimal implementation time and effort. Proven reporting functions allow users to analyze key indicators such as order details by territory, division, or sales representative. 

Increasing the efficiency of your sales force, improving sales-related decision-making, enhancing the ability to react to late customer payments, and boosting the overall health of your business with more pro table sales and stronger customer relationships is simplified through the Sales Analyzer.

Inventory Analysis

Visibility’s Inventory Analyzer helps analyze what’s driving your business with the information presented in a way that makes sense including bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, spreadsheets, and dashboards. It is organized to enable you to quickly yet comprehensively explore your information by viewing it with and from multiple dimensions. Navigation is easy and the ability to slice the data into additional views and increasing detail is all a part of the solution.

Users can readily generate drill-down reports and graphs to identify trends that cannot usually be seen through standard reporting solutions that may have come with your Inventory application. Additionally, the Inventory Analyzer allows users to define their own queries or metrics and share them over the web for review by other users. 

By providing users with the ability to analyze inventory performance in real-time using metrics tailored to their unique environments, the Inventory Analyzer provides real-time business intelligence. The result is an unprecedented level of access to critical data so inventory and materials managers can best serve the business.

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Why Choose Visibility Business Intelligence?  
  1. Access and analyze key business data to make informed fact-based decisions faster.
  2. Empower users with tools to identify trends.
  3. Improve quality information and facilitate data consolidations.
  4. Provide consistent data across the organization so users can spend less time reconciling differences
  5. Replace home-grown or ineffective standard report writer products
  6. Provide powerful analysis for intuitive assessment of business information
  7. Utilize existing IT infrastructure
  8. Reduce workload and impact on transactional systems
  9. Perform ad-hoc analysis using drag and drop functionality

Have Questions About Visibility Business Intelligence? 

If you think Visibility Business Intelligence would be a good fit for your business or if you have questions about how it could improve your current processes, please get in touch with us. We can answer all your queries and help you get started with our technology. You can contact us online or give us a call at 978-269-6500.