Santa Runs on (VISIBILITY) ERP 

By Katie Foley 

So you’ve heard “America runs on Dunkin’”, but have you heard the North Pole runs on VISIBILITY ERP? Yes, it’s true! Many, many years ago when Santa’s workshop was struggling with common manufacturing issues such as too many manual processes, missing inventory, and late shipments to name just a few, Santa and his elves decided to invest in an ERP solution and they made the wise decision to choose VISIBILITY.

Don’t believe me? Ask the big guy himself! Here are what Santa thinks are the 5 biggest benefits to the North Pole from its ERP system:

  1. Total Visibility. Probably the biggest benefit of an ERP system is its ability to give Santa access to every part of his business in real-time. Whether you are an elf entering information from the workshop floor or Santa running a report from the front office, a robust ERP system such as VISIBILITY can give the North Pole information across all aspects of its business.
  2. Improved Efficiency. Since implementing an ERP solution, Santa has seen a reduction in the time and effort it takes the elves to perform their day-to-day tasks particularly through eliminating repetitive manual processes such as entering the bill of materials for each toy.
  3. Improved Reporting and Planning. Business Intelligence is the key to Santa’s success – how else would this guy make his way to every child’s home in the world in one night?!?! It just wouldn’t be possible. Santa loves the reporting features on his VISIBILITY ERP system – his favorite includes the naughty and nice report.
  4. Improved Collaboration and Workflows. Collaboration features such as VISIBILITY’s “workflow” feature are very important to Santa’s operation to keep the North Pole running as efficiently as possible. Let’s say Buddy the Elf needs approval from his supervisor for purchase of an expensive part for a toy. Papa Elf is on vacation in New York City, so Buddy can send a notification to Papa Elf for approval using the workflow system. Papa Elf can approve from his tablet or if he doesn’t respond after a certain amount of time (he’s busy making snow angels, ice skating, eating cookie dough and snuggling of course), the notification can be sent to the real boss – Mrs. Claus.
  5. Quality and Lot Tracking. Quality and Lot Tracking are great features for the North Pole as well. Let’s say a particular toy breaks a certain year, it’s important for Santa to know exactly what workshop and machine it was made with so that the same mistake isn’t repeated in future years.

Thanks for indulging me and my corny Christmas humor. Santa is sure that an ERP system like VISIBILITY is just what your manufacturing team wants for Christmas this year! Click here to learn more.


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