Order Management

Process orders more efficiently through gaining visibility into the process of generating, tracking and managing orders across departments and between companies with Visibility ERP's Order Management capabilities.

Visibility ERP streamlines the order fulfillment process by providing accurate and complete information. This reduces the cycle time from the sales function, to entry of customer product specifications, to actual production on the shop floor. Reduced cycle time means increased profitability and customer satisfaction. 

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The Visibility ERP Order Management system generates sales orders through direct input from quotes, configurator or Customer Server. Orders can be tracked in real-time through the manufacturing, shipping and invoicing processes, while capturing accounting information such as project costs, pricing, profit margins and Accounts Receivable. 

Many customer relationships involve complex contract and credit arrangements. Using Visibility ERP, simple orders, as well as complex order types, are easily executed. Additionally, CRM functionality supports customers with sales activity tracking management, customer management, master billing and credit structures, pooled credit within subgroups, and pre-defined contracts for deposits, percent complete, and retention terms.


Quote and order changes as well as shipment history are retained and are accessible both internally and via the self-service Customer Server. Detailed material, labor, and overhead costs are available, along with "as-shipped" product configuration details.

Order Types

Blanket, service and large systems orders are fully supported with as-shipped unit definitions, multiple ship-to destinations and full logistics paperwork preparation.

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Rich Data

  • Customer, part, cross reference, and price books support the needs of product line and channel managed sales
  • Extended text and powerful internal comments features support real life automated business processes
  • Unlimited User-Defined Fields are available for prospects, customers, quotes, orders, and parts
  • Lot and serial tracking delivers product lifecycle history and installed equipment profiles for effective management of design and repair activity

Powerful interactive analytics by product, territory, customer, and time frame are available using Visibility's Business Intelligence and IQ Plus Reporting Solutions. 


Order management automation improves effectiveness and efficiency by:

  • Eliminating administrative duplication of effort using the automated Quote-to-Order process
  • Reducing cycle time in delivering complex To-Order products using automated multi-level shop order generation
  • Eliminating tedious bookkeeping using the powerful cash and revenue recognition management processes

Project Framework

Complex and long duration contracts are supported via the integrated project accounting and management feature set. Non-production cost management, cradle to grave tracking, multi-order consolidation, budgeting and estimate to complete analysis are core benefits.

Sales order, shop order, purchase order, and inventory links to specific projects allow precision within project planning and delivery transparent activity rollups while eliminating duplicate data entry.

Powerful multi-dimensional project analytics are available via Visibility ERP's Business Intelligence and Project Accounting modules.


Business process controls are incorporated using integrated workflow capabilities. Event based alerts, email based notification, online electronic acknowledgements and authorizations are all supported. In addition to typical events like order arrival and shipment, changes to customer credit limits and order changes can be formally controlled and tracked.

Business Forms

Quotes, order acknowledgements, packing slips, and invoices are all available online as laser print PDF output, to specific layout requirements. Form output packet templates provide automated multiple copy delivery to a combination of printers, email destinations, and file folders. Form reprints are immediately available for email attachment in expediting scenarios. 


In addition to the Customer Server capabilities, deployment of flexible self-service inquiries for customers, brokers, and sales representatives can be accomplished via Visibility's built in IQPlus Report Writer. IQPlus is an integrated inquiry and web based reporting solution that is both secure and web accessible. Visibility's Scheduling and Distribution Module can be used to automatically send reports to recipients on a regular schedule based on parameters you configure. 


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