Work In Process

Visibility ERP Work In Process (WIP) takes advantage of the integrated drill-down functionality featured through all inquiries. From one screen, a planner can allocate material, check deliveries, adjust scheduling and inquire into the status of costs and hours posted to the job. The production Bill of Material may be adjusted, copied or completely customized. The Visibility ERP job hierarchy allows all work order related to a sales order to be linked together. Work orders can be created directly from a sales order line in one action, generating a complete sales-order-to-work-order hierarchy for both single and multi-level assemblies for manufacturing. 

The Visibility ERP WIP module allows each business to effectively manage the production functions of the business. It identifies assemblies to be built, channels material for work orders into the production floor and returns finished assemblies to the warehouse for shipment to all customers.

medical pills industry  factory and production indoor
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  • Provides complete support for mixed mode (hybrid) and To Order manufacturing
  • Supports paperless work order production
  • Tracks and manages job related costs throughout the manufacturing process
  • Enables effective scheduling and load balancing of resources and work centers
  • Facilitates the orderly definition and management of related work order hierarchies
  • Provides real-time comparison of actual vs expected cost
  • Allows for direct generation of work orders from sales order demand, MRP planned orders and requisitions
  • Supports planning and execution of outside processes
  • Allows direct linking between purchase order supply and work order operation


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