Visual Drag and Drop Manufacturing Scheduling Solution

What is Visibility Schedule Advisor?

Visibility Schedule Advisor is an advanced graphical scheduling application that can be used with Visibility or other ERP systems. It interacts with the current Shop Floor and Work in Process applications, allowing a user to compare scheduled and planned production to available capacity. This product also manipulates shop routing operations, capacity, and production schedules in order to identify and correct scheduling issues.

What Does Visibility Schedule Advisor Help Improve?

Schedule Advisor allows you to see the reality of your shop floor and make adjustments as needed to resolve capacity issues. 

Schedule Advisor provides comprehensive shop floor control capabilities to enable full definition of routings along with primary and alternate work centers, man/machine resource costing capabilities and the ability to manage sub-contracted operations.

Improved Efficiency

Schedule Advisor allows for more efficient production on the shop floor by allowing users to manage shop floor load and work stations, identify bottlenecks, plan for preventative maintenance, adjust for unplanned machine downtime, meet production deadlines, and keep customers happy. 

Improved Visibility

Schedule Advisor enhances your visibility into plant level scheduling and utilization and provides tools to react in real time as needed. Its dashboard functionality allows your shop floor users to see production schedules from their work stations. Planners can adjust production schedules as needed by dragging and dropping work orders to alternate dates and/or work stations. 

Improved Strategic Decision Making

Schedule Advisor augments the already robust finite scheduling capabilities within Visibility ERP. It enables production planners to know in advance that their schedules are achieving optimal efficiency and is a tool to assist with strategic decision making. By react in in real time, Schedule Advisor allows you to identify and correct scheduling issues and pivot quickly when the need arises.

Why Choose Visibility Schedule Advisor?

  1. Manage load and capacity.
  2. Identify overloaded work stations and drag loads to alternate dates and/or work stations.
  3. Simulate changes to work station capacity.
  4. Firm the schedule and import into Visibility for execution
  5. Tool to assist with strategic decision making.
  6. Allows user to compare schedule and planned production to available capacity.
  7. Reacts in real time to changes and interruptions to identify and correct scheduling issues.
  8. Serves as a visual dispatch board that can be deployed at work stations.
  9. Schedule work orders with routings and enforce operation sequences and work order hierarchies.

Have Questions About Visibility Schedule Advisor? 

Interested in learning more about Visibility Schedule Advisor? Or do you have questions on how it could best fit into your business? Get in touch with us. You can reach us online or call us at 978-269-6500.

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Simple & Capable

Drag & Drop Functionality





Visual Dispatch Board

Manage Load vs. Capacity





Reacts in Real Time

Test Scheduling Scenarios





Reduce Costs

Shorten Cycle Time





Identify and Manage Overload Scenarios

Prepare for Planned and Unplanned Machine Down Time