Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control supports the operational side of production. It provides shop floor work center and routing definition, operation scheduling, production activity reporting. Comprehensive information is available regarding shop capacity, order status, work center performance versus plan and actual operation costs. Multiple scheduling methods are available and can be applied to selected work orders.

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The Visibility ERP Shop Floor Control module provides maximum flexibility to deploy plant wide resources using finite, infinite, backward or forward scheduling. Users may split work orders, track material and change routing operations content and scheduling to meet the critical needs in the time required. 

Visibility ERP also provides comprehensive shop floor control capabilities to enable full definition of routings along with primary and alternate work centers, alternate work centers, man/machine resource costing capabilities and the ability to manage sub-contracted operations. This allows employees to control the level of resolution used in tracking jobs throughout the manufacturing process at each data collection or input point, from work order origination, to in-process change management, to active shop floor monitoring (in relation to defined process execution) and actual cost performance (in relation to estimated cost). 

Shop Routing Management

Shop routings enable management of each operational step to produce a work order end product. Multiple work order types and execution methods are supported including hard allocation and issue of required materials and resources; execution with material and/or labor back flush operations; with or without enforced execution of operations in pre-determined order. 

Visibility ERP Shop Routing Management allows work centers and work stations or "cells" to be scheduled in accordance with the overall site calendar or based on a work center specific calendar of availability. In addition, detailed shop control dispatch reports and WIP detail status inquiries and reports are available for review in real-time.

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