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Why Go Mobile: WMS Features

Posted by Katie Foley on Feb 2, 2016 9:30:00 AM
Katie Foley

WMS for offers a sophisticated solution for recording inventory locations, movements, and labor in real-time from a handheld device on the shop floor. In today’s world, manufacturing companies must operate flawlessly to achieve maximum production and efficiency.

Now, there is no need to head back to the office to manually enter transactions into your desktop. Simply scan bar coded transactions from the warehouse’s mobile device and your data is entered into Visibility in real time.


Check out our Warehouse Managment System's WMS Features:

  • Mobile Inventory Data Collection
  • Improve Inventory Accuracy and Collection Efficiency
  • Provide Bar Code Scanning for Major Transactions
  • Provide Touch Screen “Kiosk” Style User Experience
  • Generate Custom Product Labels
  • Real Time Capture of Movement and Labor
  • Hardware Independent (Symbol, Intermec, RFID)

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