Recommendations for attending Software Vendor's Customer Conference

By: Katie Foley

ERP conference season is almost upon us! Whether you will be attending our 2018 Visibility Customer Conference in Nashville or another software vendor's customer conference, here are my tips for ensuring a you gain value from attending your software vendor's customer conference. 

  1. If you don’t already know, which you should, find out who your Account Manager is and if they will be attending the Customer Conference.
  2. Set up a brief meeting with your Account Manager at the start of the conference or schedule a call the week before the conference (recommended).
  3. Be sure to cover the following topics during your call.
  4. Discuss your objectives for the conference
  5. Determine which sessions are a MUST
  6. Find out if the Vendor offers a lab of product experts that you can meet with 1 on 1 while you are there.
  7. Schedule a meeting(s) in advance as these face to face consulting opportunities are a must.
  8. If multiple people from your organization are attending, divide up to cover the sessions that are most important in meeting your objectives.
  9. Type up notes following the sessions so that you have action items that you can understand when you return to the office.
  10. Schedule an internal meeting to determine next steps based on what you’ve learned.
  11. Follow-up with your Account Manager on a quarterly basis (or meaningful timeframe) following the conference to ensure you are continually improving your use of your software based on your evolving business needs.

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