Loving Your ERP Provider

By: Kassi Burke

Valentine’s Day is under two weeks away! Time to stock up on chocolates, roses, and cards. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show our family and friends how much we love them. It’s also a great time to show your ERP system some love. And while we’re on the topic of ERP, why not show your ERP provider some love too? Today we will show you some ways to support your ERP provider and build a strong, long-lasting partnership.

Choosing an ERP Provider to Love

Before we get to showing your ERP provider love, ask yourself do you love your ERP system? If the answer is yes, keep reading. If the answer is no, it might be time to consider a new ERP system. Check out our blog here if you are on the fence about what is right for your organization.

When it comes to selecting a new ERP system, beyond providing the functional requirements your company needs, your chosen ERP vendor should be trustworthy and provide honest communication to ensure a long-lasting, positive relationship.

Showing Your ERP Provider Some Love

While there should be no doubt that it is the ERP provider’s job to satisfy its customers, there are also some ways an ERP customer can help the ERP provider. If you feel satisfied and supported by your ERP vendor, here are five ways to show that provider love back:

  1. Offer referrals to prospective customers. Nothing can drive a sale quite like a positive review. Prospective customers want to know what the ERP vendor is like once they are a customer.
  2. Let your colleagues in the industry at other companies know how much you love your ERP provider. Like offering referrals, letting others in the same industry know about your ERP vendor could potentially lead to a new customer for the ERP vendor.
  3. Attend your provider’s annual ERP conference. We love when our customers join us at our annual customer conference. There’s nothing quite like connecting face-to-face! Sharing your experience during roundtables and networking opportunities will help enhance the ERP vendor’s product.
  4. Write a review on a 3rd party website such as Google, Capterra, Software Advice, and G2. A review website might be the first place prospective companies look during an ERP search. Help your vendor get off on the right foot!
  5. Interact with your ERP vendor on social media by liking and commenting on posts. Social media and blogs drive website performance. The more you can interact with your ERP vendor’s social media accounts and blog, the better!

These are just five ways the ERP customer can help the ERP vendor – there are many more. Showing your ERP provider some love like this will help grow the provider’s customer list, which will, in turn, benefit you. More customers = more customer feedback and therefore more functionality enhancement.

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