With drones getting cheaper, smaller, quieter, and easier to operate, it is inevitable that in the next few years you will see them in the sky everywhere. 

Recently one landed on the White House Lawn, another was subject of a big dispute over stalking in Seattle when a women noticed a drone hovering outside her bedroom window.  Drone produced videos are appearing on Facebook exposing animal atrocities at previously secretive chicken and pork farms.


So where is the drone war leading us? Certainly legitimate uses such as land surveys, real estate flyovers, roof inspections and repair, golf course videos, wildlife observations of rare animals, will all benefit. But so will peeping toms, nosy neighbours, and paparazzi.  These shady users will join the police, FBI, Secret service and military as the price of extremely powerful drones drops below $100 and allows for personal use by anyone. Privacy is being sacrificed once again in the name of technology.

The first reports of drones being shot down are coming in.  One court case involved the shooting down of a neighbour’s drone.  The judge held that there was no legal case for shooting down a neighbour’s drone.  That one is to be continued…

As the drone technology advances, so does Visibility's technology. Read about the technology framework that keeps Vis on the cutting edge. 


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