The Issue:

In an Engineer-to-Order environment highly engineered products involve significant input from both shop floor and office-based resources. Once a project is underway, accurate monitoring of all the costs involved is essential. Visibility Project Accounting provides superior facilities for monitoring actual cost against budget. By collecting data on the shop floor via barcode scan entry, reliability and speed are greatly enhanced. WMS links the warehouse and shop floor to the ERP system, and empowers manufacturing employees.

The Solution:

WMS is a real-time web application that enables shop floor transactions to be run on almost any handheld device. Users will have the ability to use a wireless barcode scanner to execute various transactions including: warehouse and location transfers, cycle counts, physical inventory,  purchase receipts, material request fulfillment, work order moves and paperless Kanban. WMS is made easy with on screen prompts, automatically populated data, and preprinted bar codes, which eliminate manual data entry.



Our WMS eBook will walk you through everything you need to know about’s Warehouse Management System from available transactions to a  detailed product tour to all of the WMS benefits you are missing out on if you have yet to implement this module. 

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