Get Your ERP Implementation Back on Track 

By Katie Foley 

ERP implementations are hard no matter how much preparation and money you put into the project. They require a huge financial and time commitment from all the key players. There are many pitfalls to be wary of along the way.  

ERP Implementation Pitfalls: 

  • ERP solution is the wrong fit  
  • Lack of executive support 
  • Lack of employee buy-in  
  • Inexperienced project leadership 
  • Unrealistic goals and expectations 
  • Too much customization/not enough customization  

These are just a few of the risk factors that can pervade an ERP implementation. Let’s say your project falls victim to one of these, this post will address some of the ways to get your ERP project back on track.  

Three Ways to Get an ERP Project Back on Track  

Identify the Issue 

If your ERP project is going awry, the first step to getting back on track is identifying the issue. Once you identify the issue, you will be able to devise a plan for addressing it.  

Make a Change in Leadership 

Much of the success of an ERP implementation depends on the strength of the project leader. Does your leadership team have the expertise and experience needed to succeed? Do they have the respect of both the management team and employees? If you didn’t consider these factors when initially choosing a project leader, it might be time to assign new leadership.  

Learn from the Failure 

It’s not uncommon for ERP projects to go awry, so if you find that your ERP project is off track, identify the problem, make a plan, and execute it. Once your project is back on track learn from the failure and be wary of other common implementation pitfalls that could pop up along the way.  


Don’t let falling prey to an implementation pitfall divert your entire project. Host weekly status meetings so if problems do arise, the implementation team can catch them early on. Assess the situation, make a plan, execute, and stay wary of other pitfalls as you move forward. Although ERP projects are challenging and riddled with difficulties along the way, don’t let it deter you from investing in an ERP solution as they provide incredible business benefits when implemented successfully.  

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