Gain Freedom with a New ERP System 

By: Katie Foley

This weekend Americans across the United States will celebrate the Fourth of July. Also known as Independence Day, this holiday celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The Congress, made up of delegates from the 13 colonies, unanimously approved the document declaring independence from Great Britain. In current times, we celebrate the 4th with fireworks, parades, BBQs, and lots of red, white, and blue. We think that modern manufacturing businesses have a lot to learn from the freedom gained by America on that first Independence Day.

Below are a few ways a new ERP system can help you gain more independence.

Eliminate Manual Processes

If your manufacturing business is still relying on manual processes such as spreadsheets and workarounds it’s time to break free. In manufacturing, it’s all about details, such as inventory and lot numbers, and you don’t want to leave anything up to human error. Gain independence from the manual processes and invest in a new ERP system today.

Make Remote Access Easier

Are you tied to your on-premise ERP solution? COVID-19 has taught us that anything could be around the corner and that we need ERP solutions that are just as agile and adaptable as we are. A modern ERP system, whether hosted on-premise or in the cloud, should provide the same experience in the office and outside of the office. Of course, cloud-based systems are built for remote access so there are advantages to that – more on that here.

Your System is Too Slow, Too Expensive, Etc.

There are many reasons to free yourself from an old ERP system or an ERP system that is just not the right fit. Maybe your business has outgrown your current ERP systems capabilities. Maybe your ERP system has become too expensive to maintain. Maybe your ERP can’t keep up with the cybersecurity demands of today.

Is it time to gain independence from your old ERP system? Contact Visibility for a free product demo. For another blog related to Independence Day and ERP check out our post on independent ERP software consultants here.

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