Independent ERP Software Consultants

By Jackie Aldrich 

Independence Day is just a week away and it has us thinking about “independence” in the world of ERP software consultants. ERP software consultants can provide consulting services in the following areas: selection, implementation, contract negotiation, training, and support. Some consultants may provide other services such as technology evaluations or business assessments, but we primarily see ERP software consultants coming into play during an ERP software search.

Why Use an ERP Software Consultant?

There are many reasons to use an ERP software consultant especially when it comes to selecting a new ERP software vendor. The primary reason for most organizations is that you are already so busy with your day-to-day responsibilities that you don’t have the time to take on the task of researching, purchasing, and implementing a new solution. An ERP software consultant can take the time to understand your business requirements and bring the solutions that best match your organization’s needs.

Another great reason to use an ERP software consultant is that they have years of industry knowledge and experience. An experienced ERP software consultant already knows the pitfalls of an ERP vendor search and implementation and can help you avoid those.

What Makes Them “Independent”?

An independent ERP software consultant is not a reseller and does not receive any compensation from the ERP vendor chosen. Because they are not tied to any specific ERP vendor, they keep up to date on the various vendors and offerings and can give you an unbiased opinion.


An independent ERP software consultant can save your organization time in an ERP vendor search. However, keep in mind that finding an ERP consultant who is truly independence is no easy feat. Over the years consultants may develop preferences towards certain vendors or may try to persuade you to make the choice that is most profitable for them. Embrace the industry knowledge a consultant can provide, but always follow your own intuition when it comes down the final decisions.


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