Building a Partnership Between ERP Provider and Customers

By: Johnny Nugent

The relationship between an ERP provider and their customers can be a mutually beneficial partnership. In a recent Forbes article, Visibility customer, Dave Sackett, describes how you can benefit by creating a strong partnership with your ERP provider. It may not be on your list of requirements when selecting an ERP system, however, it is important to find an ERP provider that you can build a partnership with if you want to maximize your investment

Choosing the Right Provider 

Selecting an ERP system requires a significant amount of time and financial investment. Not only should the software meet all your functional requirements, but the provider should also reflect the type of relationship you plan to have as you embark on this partnership. Factors such as communication and trust are important to test out during the selection process. Remember, this is going to (hopefullybe a long-lasting relationship and you should feel respected and supported by your ERP provider. After all, you’re relying on their solution to enhance your business. 

Benefiting from Your Provider 

After you’ve selected your ERP system, your ERP provider should continue to treat you with the same quality of service and care as they did during the sales cycleHere are some things to look for to ensure your ERP provider is offering you the best possible service: 

  • An onsite (or virtual if you prefer) implementation consultant. This person will walk you through every step of your implementation from converting data to training employees to go live and beyond (if you decide to implement new customizations or add on pieces of software).  
  • A dedicated account manager. This person will check on you periodically as well as be a person you can reach out to if you decide to add onto your software or make a customization.   
  • A responsive support team. When you need to report a problem, who do you reach out to? Your ERP provider should offer a support team that communicates effectively and responds to issues efficiently.  
  • A chance to be part of the research and development process. Does your ERP provider use your feedback to add enhancements to the product? If not, they should be! This way you benefit from all of the enhancements and customizations requested by other customers in the next version of the software. If other businesses in the industry are looking for a certain upgrade, chances are your company could benefit too.  

Beyond this list, look for an ERP provider with an annual customer conference. Connecting with your ERP provider each year in person offers a unique chance to stay up to date on best practices, learn from other customers, and offer feedback for the next version of the software.  

Supporting Your Provider 

Of course the main purpose of an ERP solution is to support every aspect of the customer’s business, there are also ways that ERP customers can support the provider and supporting the provider only will lead to long-term benefits for the customers. Check out some ways you can support your ERP provider:  

  • Offer referrals to prospective customers. 
  • Have colleagues in the industry at another company? Let them know how much you lover your ERP provider.  
  • Attend your provider’s annual ERP conference. Come ready to share with and learn from other customers.  
  • Engage with your ERP provider on social media – like, share, comment! 
  • Write a review on a 3rd party website such as Google, Capterra, Software Advice, and G2.  

If you’ve found an ERP solution you love, be sure to spread the word. Growing your ERP provider’s list of customers will benefit you as more customers mean more feedback and therefore more functionality enhancements to the product.  


Choosing the right ERP solution is a big decision for your company, but will pay off in the long run. Check out our other blog posts tips on selecting the right solution! Is Visibility the right partner for you? Contact us to learn more about our company and our solution today.  

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