Stay Organized During the Busiest Time of the Year   

By Katie Foley 

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us - and the busiest! In December, nearly everyone is busy finishing (or just starting) holiday shopping and squeezing in way too many holiday parties all while preparing for months end and years end at work. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an Advanced Planning and Scheduling application for everyday life? 

From family life to social life to work life, we are firing on all cylinders in December. This time of year making sure we have time to get everything we want accomplished seems to be as hard as scheduling for a make-to-order manufacturing company. While there may not be advanced scheduling for “real life”, manufacturers are lucky that they can access an Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution through ERP vendors like Visibility. 

Features offered with Advanced Planning and Scheduling: 

  1. Graphical drag and drop scheduling capabilities  
  2. The ability to manage load and capacity 
  3. An opportunity to identify overloaded stations and drag loads to alternate dates and/or workstations  
  4. Reactions in real time to changes and interruptions to identify and correct scheduling issues  
  5. A way to enforce operation sequences and work order hierarchies  

What ERP tools could help you in your day-to-day life? For nowwe’ll just have to stick with our iPhone calendars and paper agendas to get through the holiday hustle and bustle. 

Could Visibility’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling application be the solution to your make-to-order manufacturing company’s scheduling issues? Contact us online or call us at 978-269-6500. 

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