Why Advanced Planning and Scheduling?

By Jaclyn Aldrich 

For many manufacturers, ERP alone is enough to smoothly run manufacturing operations. However, for organizations running into supply chain inefficiencies, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) is the solution. APS helps fill the gaps where ERP and MRP can fall short.

Check out our list of some of the benefits associated with Advanced Planning and Scheduling software:

Improve Efficiency

APS allows for leaner manufacturing by eliminating waste on the shop floor.

Improved Visibility

APS enhances your visibility within your supply chain. Get alerted in real time to changes and interruptions on the shop floor and drag and drop to alternate dates and/or work stations.

“Can We Build This” Functionality

APS assists with strategic decision making. Let’s say a potential order comes in and you don’t know if your facilities have the capacity to handle it. Let APS aid in navigating those “what if” scenarios.


Visibility offers an APS solution called “Schedule Advisor”. This add-on graphical scheduling tool interacts with your current Shop Floor and Work In Progress applications, allowing a user to scheduled and planned production to available capacity. Click here to learn more about Schedule Advisor and its many benefits to your manufacturing business. 

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