Qualities to Look for in an ERP Project Manager  

By Johnny Nugent

One of the keys to ERP project success is choosing the perfect project manager to lead the implementation process. In this post we will discuss some of the qualities to look for when assigning an ERP project manager.  

In-House vs. Outside Consultant 

First decide if you want to choose someone in-house or an outside consultant to lead the team. Even if you choose an outside consultant, it may be wise to choose an in-house point of contact for the consultant to communicate with and to act as a bridge between consultant and employees. Outside consultants typically offer experience and the bandwidth to lead such a project since it is his or her full-time responsibility. However, outside consultants come at a cost so depending on your budget, it may make more sense to use an internal resource.  


The number one quality to look for in an ERP project leader is experience because with experience comes expertise. Ask questions such as, does the leader have experience working with an ERP system at a previous employer? Which ERP system? Is it same, similar, or very different from the ERP system being implemented here? Even better, does the leader have experience being part of an ERP implementation project in the past?  

Excellent Communication Skills 

After experience, look for a project leader with proven communication skills. A successful project leader must be able to communicate effectively to both the senior management team as well as the everyday employee. Some employees may be skeptical of an ERP project if they are used to things being done the way they always have been done. An ERP project leader should be able to effectively communicate the benefits of the changes being implemented to all team members.  

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