National Stress Awareness Day

By: Kassi Burke

In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, we wanted to share some tips from Visibility employees on how to deal with stress. Self-care looks different to everybody. Check out some healthy stress-relieving tips that Visibility employees rely on after a tough day or week.  

Tips from Marketing 

Marketing is an ever-changing role in today’s world. With new platforms, algorithms, and shortened attention spans, marketers are constantly having to adapt to and try new strategies to successfully promote their product. Check out Visibility’s marketing team’s tips for managing stress levels:  

  • Good, strong coffee to start the day 
  • Workouts – yoga, running, or spin class before or after work 
  • Regular mani/pedis, facials, and massages 

Tips from Sales 

We all know the world of sales can be stressful. Finding the right contacts, giving equal attention to all of your leads, and making sure every pitch is better than the last are just some of the stress factors in this department. Below is how our sales team manages stress during the workday: 

  • Ask yourself "Will this issue matter in five years?"  
  • 4-7-8 breathing technique  
  • Physical PQ reps from positive intelligence  
  • Meditation  
  • Tell a joke to someone  
  • Call and talk to a friend 
  • Have a positive mindset 

Tips from Finance 

Crunching numbers and staring at spreadsheets can put a lot of strain on the eyes and brains of people working in finance. Some ways our finance team relieve stress are by: 

  • Meditating 
  • Standing up and stretching throughout the day 
  • Taking a walk during break/lunch 
  • ‘Leaving work’ at work and being present in your personal life 

Tips from Customer Support 

One of the most stressful roles at any company is customer service. Trying not to “take the work home” is key to living a less stressful life for our customer support team. See how they relax on their time off below: 

  • Post-work glass (or 2) of wine 
  • Binge-watching Netflix as a distraction on weeknights 
  • Long walks by the water after work  

Tips from IT

We all know that staring at computer screens can cause stress on the eyes, hence the blue light glasses trend, but it can be especially stressful for IT. Whether it is coding, or working to fix a problem, Visibility’s IT team shares how they manage their stress during the day:  

  • Taking a walk around the office 
  • Chat with a colleague 
  • Listen to music 

Managing stress in our work and personal lives is something everyone struggles with from time to time. How we deal with it, though, differs greatly. The trick to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding a stress-reliever that works for you. National Stress Awareness Day is the perfect excuse to try something new to relieve your stress! Maybe even ask a friend to join you.  

What do you do to deal with stress? Let us know in the comments!  

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