How Does ERP Improve Customer Satisfaction?

By: Kassi Burke

In business there’s nothing more important than keeping your customers happy. You can go out and win all the new business in the world, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you hang onto those customers. What better way to drive new business than to provide a happy, thriving customer reference to prospects?

Customer satisfaction should be the driving force behind every business decision. Here’s a look at how an ERP system, equipped with the right functionality, can improve your business’ ability to provide high quality customer service.

Track Customer Data With CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a tool built into most ERP solutions to track customer information and interactions. Even before you gain a customer, CRM can help you keep track of all communications with the prospect. Once the prospect becomes a customer, you can use CRM to store key facts (location, purchase date, number of users, version, etc.) as well as any communications with that customer (service calls, add-on module inquiries, customer conference attendance, correspondence with the account manager, etc.). Having this information at your fingertips allows the account manage to provide the best possible customer service when communicating with customer.

Give the Customer Direct Access

An ERP system with “sales portal” functionality (either built into or integrated with) can allow customers to view product engineering and pricing info, enter sales orders directly, and check order status. The customer can also use this tool to view historical info, access current invoices, and pay directly using electronic payment capability. Customers will appreciate having direct access to their order information in today’s connected world.

Manage Service Calls

After-market service is extremely important in the manufacturing world. Managing RMA’s, Field Service, Technician Scheduling, Depot Service, Warranties, As Services Product Details and Service Contracts can all be managed from within the ERP system. Keep your customers happy and use the Customer Service module to manage after-market service calls.


These are just some of the big ways an ERP system can improve your customer service. There are so many intangible ways ERP improves the customer experience. Increasing efficiency and productivity across your manufacturing business means that you can keep prices as competitive as possible for your customers.

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