Giving Thanks  

By Katie Foley 

As we enter the season of thanks and giving, we wanted to pause and say thank you for our customer’s support of Visibility. Without you there would be no reason to come to work and do what we love.

Our constant stream of innovative ideas would have certainly slowed down by now without our customers always pushing us to be better. You challenge us to come up with unique and creative solutions to manufacturing issues, which helps bring our technology further with every new idea.  

Our customer conferences would be much less exciting without you as well. Each and every year you come energizedready to learn, to share, and to connect with those around you.  

Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to think about why we are grateful for ERP software 

Complete Visibility 

ERP software provides a “one-stop shop” for all your company’s data across all departments in real time. Whether you are a factory worker on the shop floor or senior management in the office (or even out of the officeworking remotely), you have access to all your company’s data.  

Improved Reporting 

ERP software gives us the ability to produce reports and analytics at any time. Many ERP vendors also offer a Business Intelligence solution, which offers even deeper analytical functionality. These metrics are crucial in making quick, but data-educated business decisions.  

Better Customer Service 

Customers are at the heart of every business, so anything that can make the customer experience better is worth the investment. ERP systems house all customer data in a central location allowing for more streamlined customer service and therefore stronger customer relationships and retention.  

Improved Efficiency & Productivity 

ERP reduces the time is takes your workforce to perform their tasks on a daily business. ERP eliminates manual processes and reduces the chance of user error, giving employees the free time to focus on more important tasks. It also makes collaborating across departments easier through the use of workflows and notifications.  

Better Data Security 

In the day and age of cyber security breaches, data security is of the utmost importance. Because ERP systems are a single input system, there is a high level of data security. ERP administrators can also control who has access to what data across an organization.  

We hope you enjoyed this look at some of the things ERP vendors, like us here at Visibility, are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Thank you again to our customers, new and old, big and small, from the bottom of our hearts. What are you thankful this year?  

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