Get Ready for VCC 2022

By: Kassi Burke

Everything has changed since March 2020, and while things are looking up, there are still many unknowns about what the future holdsUnfortunately, Visibility has made the tough decision to postpone our 2021 Visibility Customer Conference. Even with the successful vaccine rollout, it seems that business is still not “as usual.” While we feel it will likely be safe to gather this fall, we are postponing the conference for several reasons.

As we were preparing to make a final decision, we wanted to get opinions from all our attendees. We surveyed some of our customers, our employees, and spoke with the venues to get a better idea of what life is like in San Diego right now. Many of our attendees thought it would be better to host the conference in spring 2022 than in the fall. Spring is when we traditionally host the conference so this would keep us on the same schedule. Others noted that spring is a nice time to escape the chilly spring weather for a warmer destination and that the event might be better attended and have fewer restrictions in the spring.

We also understand that each person has a different comfort level, and each geographic location is at a different place in the recovery effort. To bring people with different comfort levels together from across the country in just a few months seemed premature. As the world gets moving again, we are seeing people prioritize personal travel over business travel (as they should) as they gather with friends and family again after nearly two years. We believe business travel will follow behind as people reacquaint themselves with air travel and companies have the chance to recover financially.

Above all, we want our conference to be accessible to all that want to join us, which is why we are deciding to wait. In order to make the conference as beneficial as possible, it made the most sense to hold off until spring 2022 so that all our willing customers can attend.

We know that seems so far from now, and we understand that our customers miss us (we miss you too!), so we are excited to announce that we will be holding informational webinars to connect with our customers again. Although a virtual event isn’t the same as being in person, we wanted to give you the option to connect and stay up to date on Visibility. Stay tuned for more information on Visibility webinars coming your way!

We are still in the planning stages of our 2022 conference, so be sure to subscribe to our emails to get the latest information as it becomes available. You can always check back on our website or Customer Portal for the latest updates, too. If you have any questions regarding the Visibility Customer Conference, please contact Kassi Burke.

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