Having Star Wars and ERP solution in the same sentence does not seem right. I picture those 2 topics coinciding in a galaxy far far away, but by the end of this I hope you recognize the merit behind what I’m saying and not just think I am a strange star wars fan working at an ERP company.

I am new to the ERP industry, fresh out of college. My job title is an Account Representative. I am proud to say the organization I work for runs like a well-oiled Millennium Falcon. When I first started working at Visibility; to better understand everyone’s role in my new office I have applied my vast Star Wars knowledge. Some of the success we have experienced as a company can be contributed to that fact that our ERP team is modeled after the cast of Star Wars.

Every ERP team should have an Obi-Wan Kenobi, a wise individual with a lifetime of experience in ERP. Obi-Wan can help lead your team into new directions and apply past experiences to current situations. You need a team member who is willing to teach you all the ways of the ERP industry (or the force). Our owner is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of our team.

Every team needs a problem solver, someone who is willing to face the task head on and diffuse potential tense situations. Han Solo, a wanted smuggler, is the king of improvising and is a key member on any ERP team.

The next cast member to fit into your ERP team is a hard one to find. They are a special member who has mastered the software landscape (and the Force).  They grew up in an ERP household, their father was in ERP. ERP is in their blood. I’m talking about a Luke Skywalker of the ERP universe. Here at Visibility our Luke Skywalker is my boss, He can (light saber) battle with the best competition when it comes to software demos and sales. His father worked in ERP and he discovered at an early age that he was Force Sensitive to this industry.

The last member you will need to be a successful ERP team is actually a group. The Rebel Alliance was made up of the unnamed heroes who worked behind the scenes to defeat the Evil Empire. Our support staff fields an abundant amount of calls a day, helping each customer solve problems and bring balance to the force. Without the Rebel Alliance, Luke and Han wouldn’t be the heroes of legend that they are today. Our support staff at Visibility is the best in the entire galaxy.

And I guess all of this makes me Anakin Skywalker because I have become something I hate. I have just finished writing a click bait article, something I have sworn to never do. Anytime I see a headline online reading “You’ll never guess what happens next!”, or an article bringing two completely unrelated topics together, for example “How eating bananas can promote a healthy lawn!”, I cringe a little. But what’s done is done. And by becoming everything I've sworn to protect others against, I have become Anakin Skywalker (which then would make me my boss’s father...). I regret all of this.

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