When companies did an ERP search in the past, traditionally the project involved an examination of functional requirements against a set of potential vendor solutions.  The solution with the best fit functionality-wise was the obvious choice.

Then technology came more into play.  ERP selection criteria focused on the products with the latest in mobility, cloud capability, underlying technology were the choices.

The next evolving requirement in the selection involved ease of use and ease of implementation.  Flexibility and personalization without programmatic customizations were important concepts to allow systems to be adapted without cutting an implementation away from standard product.

Integration into other applications, exporting and importing of data, attachments and links, and the integration of data evolved as another critical requirement.

But as these criteria have changed and evolved so have the ERP vendors.  Most now meet standard manufacturing requirements.  Most have the latest in technology, mobility, and cloud options.  Most have developed ease of implementation approaches, configuration options which do not involve programmatic customizations.  And most have incorporated integration techniques, automated import and export of data, etc.

The new paradigm has shifted to highlight the importance of the most important ERP selection criteria out there.  Partnership.  People.  Are you dealing with the vendor or a reseller?  Are you able to influence product direction?  Do you have access to the true experts on the product or do you have to deal with a local office that does not have the same level of expertise?  People have become once again the most important aspect of any selection.  People buy from people.  And a relationship with a partner you can trust is far more important than any feature or technology.  Features and technology change.  But good people are the foundation of a good partnership.

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