ERP In a Post-Pandemic World

By: Katie Foley

While we are still battling COVID-19, we are nearing the light of the end of the tunnel with more and more vaccines getting into the arms of our essential workers and our most vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged us and changed us. And it continues to do so as we navigate the so called ‘new normal’ over one year into this fight.

We are optimistic for all the wonderful things to come in the post-pandemic world – full sports stadiums, all kids back in school, ERP conferences, and lots of hugs. As we think about life after COVID we can’t help but wonder, what role does ERP play in a post-pandemic world? An important one is what we think and here’s why.

Nearly every company across every industry had to pivot last March when all non-essential workers were forced to work remotely. Never has having an integrated business management platform such as an ERP system become more crucial than it did when workers shifted from in-office to remote work in an instant.

Running an ERP system with deep functionality meant that your business didn’t skip a beat even during crisis. Employees could access real-time business information no matter their geographical location. Decision makers could still review key reports and metrics to make quick, but informed business decisions when necessary. While nothing could take the place of face-to-face communication, notification and approval systems built into many ERP systems improves internal communication amongst employees and ensures requests are being reviewed, approved, or denied in a timely manner.

While many manufacturers had a strong ERP system to rely on during this period, many manufacturers relied on manual processes or were running an old, clunky ERP system. Going into a post-pandemic world we expect to see manufacturers in search of either their first ERP system or a new, modern, easy-to-use ERP system. We also expect to see more cloud deployments in the ‘new normal’ as the cloud provides many benefits in this challenging environment including cost savings, flexibility as remote work continues to be commonplace at least part of the time, scalability allowing your business to grow, and the best in data security.

As we prepare for post-pandemic life, where does your ERP system stand? Click here for more information on Visibility’s modern solution for manufacturers.

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