ERP Conference Networking Tips

By Katie Foley 

ERP conference season is here! Whether you are gearing up for VCC 2022 with the Visibility team in San Diego or another vendor's conference, networking is key to making the most of your time at an ERP conference. Even for the social butterfly of the group, networking is hard! It can be hard to put yourself out there when you don't know anyone else. Follow our simple tips for making great connections and enhancing your overall conference experience. 

 Top Networking Tips:

  1. Prepare a list of other attendees you'd like to connect with. Touch base with your account manager before the event to figure out what attendees are attending that you should connect with. Perhaps someone in a similar industry or role that you could learn from his or her experience. 
  2. Sit with new people. Conference mean lots of meals- breakfast, breaks, lunches, and evening events. Yes, sitting with new people can be intimidating, but over a meal is one of the easiest ways to connect with new people. See a new group at a table? Sit down and introduce yourself! 
  3. Bring business cards. There isn't always a lot of time when shuffling from session to session. Let's say you start up a great conversation with another attendee, but don't have time to share info. A business card is an easy way to connect and share info. Make sure you get the other person's business card as well! 
  4. Pack a conference bag. Conferences often mean for long days. Pack a bag for the day so you are prepared for all scenarios. Bring a business cards, a phone charger, a sweater/jacket, mints, hand sanitizer, anything else you might need to freshen up if you don't have time to run back to your hotel room between events. 
  5. Follow-up. Reach out to the contacts you make after the conference. Send an email and/or connect on Facebook or LinkedIn. Customers can learn so much from other customers so we encourage you to stay in touch with the contacts you make at our conference so you can get the most out of your ERP system. 

For those of you attending conferences this spring, comment below and let us know how if these networking tips came in handy. To learn more about the Visibility Customer Conference 2022 click here

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